Friday, March 19, 2010

Some people just plain suck.

There are some people in the world that fail at life. Though I often say I am one of those people, in the context I am presently talking of, I am not. I'm not dealing with people that fail at life anymore.

That aside aside, the entertainment provided by my friends that came across the pond was immensely wonderful however cramped my room was. We ate lots. It was pretty cool.

Other things going good in my life:
LADIES WHO LUNCH on Wednesdays (after Javeed). It doesn't get any better than that. Furthermore, Thursday evening at 5pm I will be on spring break. 12 hours from that moment, I will be on the Eurostar headed to Paris. :)) It'll be spectacular.

For now . . . . I gotta be productive though.

Oh yeah, my roommate's pretty awesome too.

xoxo & cheers,

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