Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fastpass is the opium of college students.

I woke up at 4:45am this morning to take the bus with my friend and make sure she got onto the Heathrow Express successfully. Once I was back at Nido at 7am, the sun had come up. All the dryers and washers were empty, and the hallways were still. They didn't smell of the musky cologne used to mask other smells, late night cooking, or empty bottles. There was no loud music playing in the background of a friendly or loverly gathering. It was just quiet. It was nice. After spending some time with both Ghandi and Nehru, I then proceeded to have the seemingly least productive day possible.

I watched the following movies:
*Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
*Sunshine Cleaning
*Up in the Air
*The Hurtlocker

It was completely necessary to tune out and watch. 1 day at Senate House and 3 days of class then I'm on Spring Break. :)

xoxo & cheers,

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