Sunday, January 31, 2010

To the left, to the left.

So I failed as far as blogging is concerned this weekend. I know, there really isn't any excuse. Oh well. I will try to better from this point onward.

The London Eye was pretty spectacular, despite rain and the fact I'm afraid of ferris wheels. There really isn't a more breathtaking view than looking at any city from a raised height. I'll never get over it. :))

The Tower of London and High Tea at Harrod's were also successes. It's actually rather appropriate for one to follow the other because the thought of wearing the Imperial Crown of India is just as unfathomable as the thought of wearing most clothing items/face creams in Harrod's.

What is imaginable, though, is a weekend in York in a town that is overrun by Vikings. (Yes, Casey and I booked passage this weekend.) There's even a beard competition, guys.

Also fathomable, a weekend in Madrid visiting another very good friend. (And a few other trips to be planned this week as well.)
One more point that my mind actually grasp: living in the Pi Phi House for the 2010-2011 academic year too. :D

I could go on about awkwardness and such, but I won't. January is about to end, and I feel like I'm not making the progress on some of the resolutions I set for myself, namely loose ends of course. They will come up, but I'm not in London to have to continually snap at frayed loose ends. And the pile of books I have looming certainly won't allow such a thing. So dear loose ends, adieu. (again)

As for the next month, February is short and full. Papers, trips, etc. etc.

And as for The Rocket, our relationship is officially over. (Sorry DJ Mark, but I whole heartedly feel you are replaceable.)

xoxo, cheers & love,

Oh yeah, I'm still obsessed with Tower Bridge too!

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  1. Very crazy weekend in NC. Yesterday the sun was shining and the snow/ice was melting. Only to remain very thick and wet at sunset and the temps dropping into the teens..thus school cancelled. More sun today but this afternoon freezing rain may com 60% chance..another snow day or late start. Sheldon and I looked ALL day for a PS3 and found NONE. We're planning on ordering at Gamestop on line. love ya MOM