Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sykpe is dirty, well not really.

I Skyped for the first time today. Yes, the software I have an irrational prejudice against is officially back on my computer. I feel slightly dirty, oh well, I'll deal. My judgmental tendencies are merely due to the fact both Skype and skank begin with the same consonant slur.

I also went to NYUL class for the first time today. I have to say, I am mildly obsessed with the 60-some year old man that will be teaching my Shakespeare class. I can only hope the same excitement and obsession will follow after I'm acquainted with my Writing London professor (I've heard great things!) and my . . . POST COLONIAL INDIAN LITERATURE professor (I feel like that class will get a lot of air time on here due to the intensity I see in the ominous syllabus. Moreover, we had about 170 pages of reading due for tomorrow. Mostly historical contextualizing things. I am happy to say it's going on midnight here and all is both well and read.)

*Exit for short Skype session - I feel like my soul rotted some.*

Not that I'm complaining, as my father always said, "When we all sat down, [I] wanted to me the English major." I know. I secretly love pouring over pages and pages of literary-based historical theory, with emphasis on the literary of course.

Adieu, though. Sleep, and reading a little more Chelsea Handler must occur, before I set off to drastically expand my knowledge of literature (and find out how to apply to stay the weekend at a British family's house!). More to come I'm sure.

xoxo (& Cheers!), D

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