Saturday, January 23, 2010

"So to Greenwich I go."

There’s something relaxing about a guided tour. You can just let your feet wander and listen, maybe your mind wanders a bit too. You are immersed in the sights and atmosphere you’re seeing, but a part of you is free to both observe and explore thoughts as well.

Such was the case in Greenwich.

After getting off the boat, I wandered through green squares that great dramas unfolded in (namely those concerning Anne Boleyn and a certain May Day joust). I stood in two hemispheres of the world at once. I ate fish and chips in a pub Charles Dickens used to frequent. I walked through halls where students of the Royal Academy learned how to be gentlemen. I frolicked through an old outdoor space shouting Americanisms, mostly to do with the KeSha obsession plaguing my friends and I. I scavenged for Tudor pots on the Thames riverside.

I did not, however, have coffee. String cut - end scene.

Despite rain and the predictable java disappointment, it was a lovely day. I throughly approve of Greenwich. It’s worth the hype.

I also did a lot of homework. AND LAUNDRY! (Though the confusing UK machine took my money at first. Don’t worry mom, reimbursement is on the way.) I met a man named Dr. Who, too. He's dreamy. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be gray (big surprise there) & I will spend my day in Senate House Library.

Adieu, xoxo & Cheers.

(Again - I apologize for any days lacking posts.)

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  1. I dig Doctor Who so hard. And the character is merely "The Doctor" not "Doctor Who." The title of the show refers to people's reactions when they first meet him.

    "I'm the Doctor!"
    "The Doctor? Doctor Who?"
    "Nothing else. Just The Doctor!"