Sunday, January 17, 2010

A day late and a few pounds shorter.

I can’t skip a day of blogging, too many petty things seem to happen in a day!

Today was the first day I saw the sunshine in London since being here. I understand why people put up with the grayness of this city, when the sun does shine it’s absolutely amazing. NYU had us ride charter buses around the city today and get a panoramic tour. I have to say, props to NYU. It was amazing.

As for my other NYU event - the ‘social mixer’ - things proved to be as awkward as I expected. One of my anticipated moments of awkwardness occurred there. There really is no good way to mingle with people when you enter an overcrowded pub that is featuring a poorly-skilled DJ and pre-created circles of students standing about. Oh well. We moved on to another watering hole.

Awkwardness ensued there too. NYU is a big school, but somehow you always manage to run in to the exact person you want to avoid. (Funny how that happens in NYC, a city with 8 million people.) There’s roughly 300 NYU students here in London, a robust city of 7 million. It would seem that the chances on running into specific individuals on any given night would be slim. Maybe the forces that be just find it fun to put in me in strange situations and see what happens. It wasn’t until after my friends and I convinced DJ Mark to not only store our jackets and scarves, but also play Ke$ha and Miley, that I realized how much of a fool I was being in front on a few select NYU people (really just one NYU person to be exact). Did that stop my dancing? Of course not. To stop dancing in such a situation would be too detrimental to my overall well being. (Let’s face it, anything is easier to cope with when a good shimmy is involved.)

A note regarding the daunting trip I took to the library yesterday: SUCCESS. I have a Senate House Library card "topped up" (British slang for adding money to something - i.e. SIM card, subway/TUBE card, etc.) with pounds for the tons of printing I will be doing. Casey and I also successfully navigated the computerized card catalog system a found the obscure readings for our Post-Colonial Indian Lit. class (well, the 160 or so pages for this week at least). We even conquered the foreign copier.

Tomorrow is the first day of classes here (I don’t have Monday class though! Excluding the required seminar we all take, which doesn’t meet until next week.). My endeavors to be more swish will continue. Perhaps I will slowly become a posh expat. rather than a mere bumbling youth.

Good night & cheers. (Here's a look of Tower Bridge to leave you with. xoxo)

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