Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I plan things too far in advance.

I know this isn't for a few weeks still, but I think I should just get this out know. Here goes (It's short and sweet-ish because I just got home from a wonderful performance of Twelfth Night and have lots of reading, as usual. =) )

Dear couples of London,
Please keep all obnoxious public displays of affection IN PRIVATE. Those of us who are sadly not in the blissful love-drunk phase of life that you find yourselves in would rather not watch you *snog* on our way home on the *tube.* It is just unnecessary. Please keep it especially low key in the fast-approaching dooms day that will make Hallmark and other card companies millions more dollars.

Furthermore, men of London, stop dating down. (I don't mean to me rude or judgmental or racist-?-here.) You are all too good looking to be dating British girls who look like old librarians, or, even worse, trashy hipsters. This too is completely and utterly unnecessary. I know it's slim pickings over here, but stop selling yourself short.

That is all, folks.

(I got to Skype my little brother and mom today! It was as awesome as Tesco pasta!-Yeah, that's right.)

xoxo & all that is good,

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