Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunshine continues?

The sun was out again today. I kinda don't know what to do about it.

I met with Jaws - the life ending shark - today, well not really. I did, however, have a java (Nice auditory transition right? Bahah) meeting that could have been much much worse. I doubt that we'll actually be friends, but run-ins should be less awkward? (T, don't fret.)

I also MAILED a cover letter/resume/references to UK Vogue, on the possibly vain hope that they need someone to help out on occasion before May 15th. I'll settle with organizing the closet, even for just one day.
Also in the mail . . . a TAC application. February means that summer planning must commence, obviously.

My list of traveling is increasing; I have a train ticket to/from Paris now too! :))

I sincerely wish I have more meaningful input. I don't think I can express the joys of wandering aimlessly any more fervently. It's equal to the tranquility of walking into a gallery and seeing a large Monet to your left coupled with Jackson Pollack to your right. You get lost in the aesthetics, regardless of whether you "understand" them or not. It's nice to feel little compared to the greatness around you, it reminds you that great forces are still at work.

More reading! Maybe something will happen at some point soon that I can recount with a strong and vibrant narrative voice. Maybe not.

xoxo & all that is Good,

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  1. Hey girl! I was creeping on your blog :) you should look me up when you're in Paris!