Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stephen, why don't you call me in 3 part harmony?

Sorry Jared. It was a brief introduction.

Due to DJ Tyler's failure at life, my friends and I will be reuniting with our dear pal DJ Mark this evening. My only comment on this event to come is that it shall be glorious. And there will be a party in the U-u-K for sure.

Because let's face it, I spent my entire Friday night and Saturday day reading. I will be dancing tonight.

A note regarding dancing:
I'm currently reading an eighteenth century novel for class and they do a lot of dancing in it as well. I must admit, though, the rules have changed. Boys, don't dance if you can't. I know this harsh, but nobody wants to see that. Men, dinosaurs if you will, don't either. You had fun, now please exit and go to the York. I promise you will find a much more inviting audience.

All that being said. I must continue reading for a few hours so I can fully enjoy the revelries to come.

Peace & cheers and Fish & chips,

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