Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bahaha. Only appropriate.

...So do you remember a couple weeks ago? The first time I ever encountered DJ Mark? Maybe not. Well, the same evening, at the same establishment, I met a boy. We exchanged numbers, and he suggested we get coffee or dinner some time together. Vague, but okay. I have a date in my future.

Time passes (I have to get a new SIM card and have no phone for a few days). I don’t get a phone call. Not a big deal. There’s a million other fish in the sea, and plenty of boys in London (especially one’s actually from the UK, Europe at least, any where besides Philly really). My random boy faded away into the background. Cool . . . until he walked into the Londonized Chipotle I was eating in tonight.

Tortilla. It’s like Chipotle but not, and my random boy walked in as I was relishing my naked burrito. Figures. The powers of be just like to put me in awkward situations.

Alas, off to Bath I go.

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