Friday, February 12, 2010

I try ya on; I take ya off.

It's been a while. I know. To be perfectly honest, I was in a slight funk this week. No reason in particular, just masses of flowers and hearts and obnoxious teddy bears and such. Upon further reflection, though, I've realized that any jaded feelings or bitter resentment I feel towards those things is ridiculous. There are things so much bigger than an Em-Ar-Ess Degree or a minor change of Facebook Info. A long, long time ago, that was my mantra. I don't know how it got lost along the way (okay well maybe I do. . . dumb text messages, etc.), but I know it's back & more secure than ever.

Oh well. Things are good & when I say that, I mean that.

Other things happening in absence of blogging:
*I had a lovely date at Pizza Express; I hope to repeat it with another & Percy Jackson this weekend. :))
*I attempted to break up with my one favorite man in the world (Ben & Jerry to name merely two of them), it proved impossible no matter how unhealthy the relationship. What can I say, I'm a monogamist.
*I have a double date looming with both a Rudyard and a Kim simultaneously. It will occupy my entire day tomorrow. Oh boyyy.
*I was forced to sit and watch a play (trying to focus on it & not the awkwardness surrounding me) for 2 hours and 45 mins, and I survived.
*I attended a lovely ballet class taught by an even lovelier Italian man.
*I said to the vending machine, twice.
*I also said no to fried chicken.
*I helped a friend figure out life goals. We decided that street pharmacist, male prostitute, and clown are all off limits.
*I got a rejection letter from the "work experience/editorial dept." of UK Vogue. C'est la vie. One day they'll be begging me to write/edit/do SOMETHING for them. :))
*The IF's and Loose-Ends that loom in hindsight and foresight simultaneously disappeared. New plan minus all nasty strings, because every one knows how gross the ends of shoe laces get after a while.

Weeks like this, the crazy ones, always end with smiles. Take the crazy with the good, sometimes its crazy good. (And one day I'll leave how to make creative word play and brilliant puns like Tom Stoppard.)

xoxo & cheers & go for adorable, not ridiculous (it's going out of fashion quick)

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