Saturday, May 29, 2010

Two weeks late, I think it's only appropriate.

So roughly two weeks ago, I attempted to write something like this in the Heathrow Airport. I couldn't. I wanted to talk about how much I learned, without really knowing it, while I had been abroad. I wanted to share how those 4 months had opened up my horizons and made me more inquisitive and interested, perhaps more interesting too. I wanted to say that I knew who I was better, I was a little closer to that asymptote I'm always grasping for than I was before, but I don't know if that is actually the case.

Now that I've been home for two weeks, I find myself right back into the same swing of things, serving the same burgers and watching the same movies. I went to London thinking that if I could put an ocean in between all things Concord and myself, I could maybe finally severe all the loose strings that the 700 mile difference between New York and North Carolina evidently can't make disappear.

I'm starting to think the increased distance only further strengthened my bonds to home. I appreciate not only my country more, but cannot even begin to express how loving and indebted I am to my wonderful parents (and friends).

And now, bizarrely enough, sitting here at my computer in my room (people know how I feel about sentences with opening structures like this - PLEASE read between the lines), my summer horizons and much less bleaker than I would have imagined them to be.

I miss New York immensely & I could live in London/the greater UK/Europe (*cough*PARIS*cough*) long term. For now, though, I am exactly where I need to be, spending a summer under a Southern sky. ('cause we all know that God made the sky Carolina blue for a reason)

one last cheers & all my love,

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