Sunday, May 9, 2010

(Burp.) "You're excused."

I know I said that more would come yesterday. Well, it's now tomorrow and the more is here. I'll start with the most recent and work my way backwards. (Last night was our last date with DJ Mark. It was sad. "Eenie Meenie" has made it to the UK, though, so our Bieber Fever only continues to get worse.)

I bought groceries for the last time in London this morning. When I say "groceries," though, I really mean varieties of canned soup. I did buy juice and some fruit. That was a big deal. If you could see the state of my fridge, it would only attest to the fact that I'm in college and it's finals time.

Despite not having any final exams, 5000 more words stand between me, the states, and summer (you wouldn't think it's summerish here, though, it's gray and 50). 2000 devoted to Antony and Cleopatra as a meta-play and 3000 (hopefully perfected words) exploring depictions in war is modern British drama . . . or something along those lines at least. Unlike this past week, they're not both due on the same day (Thank you!), so I won't be quite so strung out on caffeine this Wednesday as I was last week.

Last weekend (forced transition, I'm aware), we went to the lakes. I have to confess we did absolutely no work; rather, we sat on the couch like sloths and watched television (the house we rented had SKY). It was awesome. I did get to see a little nature, though.

When I'm rich and famous, or at just some other point in my life, I really want to live in the English countryside. Looking at it, it makes total sense that it produces so many great writers/novels.

I also think it produces inherently adorable children.

I certainly don't want children yet. At this moment, I just want to be in the sun by the pool, or a beach, or a lake. And as much a I love the Londoners I'm excited to be home where, despite being a much younger country, I really think there's a stronger sense of culture. It's cool that the English are so sponge-like, a curry is now a traditional meal, but they don't have sweet tea and burgers and summer like we do. It'll be nice to return.

Because I'm not only returning to the states, but to that magical land that is the North Carolina Governor's School (West Campus). I think it's the closest thing to a magical English forest there is in NC. :)

Procrastinating is lovely, but alas, words don't just produce themselves, and even when they do spew out in word vomit, my syntax is always desperate for improvement.

xoxo & cheers,

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