Monday, April 19, 2010

Bieber Fever

When I'm in the library and really working, I like to sit with my ankles crossed and streched out in front of me. This normally lets me scoot my chair close to the table, so I can sit upright while also supporting my lower back. Very comfortable. It's a popular position; the problem, however, is that if the person sitting across from me does the same thing, our feet make contact. That's just awkward.

You don't know the person and you suddenly find yourself playing footsies with them. What do you do?

I typically say excuse me, getting dirty looks for those around me because to make any sound (even an apologetic utterance) in the stacks in a cardinal sin, and quickly tuck my feet under my chair in order to continue working. It's funny, though, because the person across from me does the same thing. We both compromise our comfort for each other out of awkwardness. In reality we could just navigate the space better, perhaps each shift our chairs an inch to the right, and avoid the problem all together. Thus all that awkwardness, the disruption of both our concentration/comfort and that of others (due to our rude condolences to each other for invading person space) could easily be avoided.

Except we never think to just move the chair.

xoxo & cheers,

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